I’m UK based web designer Samuel Roberton, highly motivated individual with a passion for building modern interfaces with both form and function.

With a solid foundation in graphic design and a love for technology, my knowledge and abilities are continually growing.


With over 3 years of working knowledge in design agencies and hands on experience developing ideas and concepts face to face with clients, my aim is constant development and evolution of what I can offer clients. Tasks within my current role include onsite SEO, logo design, stationery design, UI design, server side development, bespoke CMS development and responsive website creation in both Wordpress and OpenCart using HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP and SQL.



With every project comes a new challenge, and it's usually one that I've created for myself! I thrive on pushing my skills to the limit; taking on projects that require an adaptive approach and present me with an opportunity to learn something new, which is usually when I produce my best work. Having had the pleasure of working on a considerable number of projects for both small and large businesses I'm always looking to push the bar a little higher.

Ace breakers
web design project
web design project

An existing client was looking to refresh their current website with a clean, modern, user friendly, responsive CMS with integration of a registration lookup system to give the user an onsite quote for their vehicle.

Upon finalising the design, development of the CMS in Wordpress began. The vehicle lookup system was developed which involved the CarWeb API, PHP development to handle sanitation and prevent abuse of the system whilst minimising requests and money spent by the client.

Efficient database design was essential to handle processed information, monitor usage, store user quotes, and handle the clients own set of vehicle pricings and postcodes. The Google Maps API was implemented for postcode lookups to validate addresses and calculate a collection price, directions are also presented to the user for the option of self delivery with useful statistics i.e. distance and possible time to travel.

Topiary Garden
e-commerce website

The brief was to create a clean, modern, user-friendly, responsive e-commerce website with the addition of a new logo.

Ideas for the logo were exchanged and the final design was met with relative ease. This set the tone for the website which was sketched out to confirm user experience and then reproduced as a digital mock-up.

The website was built within the e-commerce platform Opencart, allowing the utilisation of the many great bundled features that had been requested i.e. multiple payment options, invoice management, and the ability to build a solid customer base. Customisation was made to how product categories are used within the website aiding user experience and changing the standard flow from landing page to product.

Elite Heat
wordpress website
wordpress website

The brief was to create a modern, user friendly website with styling to suit the existing logo. The client required the content with the site to be updated on a regular basis, so the blogging platform Wordpress was agreed upon.

Ideas for the site were discussed over the initial meeting and it was proposed the site would contain case studies that could be easily implemented by the client. These case studies would be tagged and only appear in the relevant category pages so users who were interested in a particular service would instantly be able to view past jobs.

web design project
web design portfolio

The brief was simple, build on the clients vision of creating a user friendly website acting as a hub of sales from popular brands.

Users who register to the website can tailor the selection of brands to only see the sales they are interested in. Registered users will also receive email notifications on publication of new sales that fall within their wish list.

The website has been custom built in Wordpress with extended admin functionality to allow for the management of brands and easy publication of new sales. The login system was also custom made, completely detached from Wordpress allowing for a more controlled and tailored environment from which the user can operate within.

The website is heavily tied in with social media to promote sale items and drive traffic towards the website and is currently undergoing extensive user testing to ensure smooth operation once put into production.

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